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  • SonicPING™ is a method of providing content to a mobile smart phone by way of sending inaudible modulated codes through standard audio speakers and playback systems such as digital signage, video walls, public address systems, TV, Radio.  SonicPING™ simultaneously delivers  iBeacon & BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for Android.
  • A smart phone may detect a SonicPING™ by using ANY mobile APP that has been enabled with the SonicPING™ detection SDK.
  • Once the smart phone receives the SonicPING™ it determines the content associated with that communication via mobile data network, WIFI system, or pre-stored cached content within host APP.

Engaging Mobile with SonicPing™

  • Maximizes  MESSAGE RELEVANCY  =   PROXIMITY (dwell time activated)  +  RECENCY
  • Reaches the MOST smart phones (any vintage), with or without BLE capability,  BLE  on or off.
  • Connects to smart phones in MORE  places, broadcast through a stadium PA system or hyper proximity via a uBeacon.
  • Deploys for LESS cost by using existing infrastructure such as digital signage, video walls, PA system, or In-room TV.

Technical Specifications: • Inaudible to human ear • Simultaneously delivers patented Sonic Sound Wave Tech + BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) • Smart Device Agnostic • Android and iOS capable (including iBeacon) • Usable on non NFC phones • Dynamically targetable, exact location aware • Mobile app enablement via sonic detection SDK •  Digital Signage media players CMS integration Rest API’s • Measureable, real time usage data

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• A smart phone may detect a communication by using ANY mobile app that has been enabled with the SonicPING™ SDK “listening” software.  This means that a venue (any venue) that has a mobile app adds the few lines of code to their app to enable the communication.
• Once the smart phone app is opened by the geo-fence trigger the device is now actively listening (simultaneously) for SonicPING™ &  Bluetooth Low Energy signals .  Once a SonicPING™ is received the device then determines the content associated with that communication by receiving that content over the mobile data network or WIFI system.  If after geo-fence app activation no SonicPING™ is received by the device for more than 10 minutes, then the listening mode will automatically be turned off the device.
• The Geo-fence may be triggered by Bluetooth, GPS, RFID or Cell Multilateration to automatically engage the SonicPING™ listening to be activated on the smart phone.
What about on the shelf at retail, or in an exhibit at a museum? 
A small Battery or AC operated beacon (battery life 1-3 years) sends an inaudible signal at 19,000 Hz  to any active enabled mobile device,  WITH ANY APP THAT HAS SONIC LISTENING ABILITY EMBEDDED.
When the mobile device is within range of the audio transmission it receives relevant communication.  The beacons transmit a SonicPING™ as well as use low energy Blue Tooth technology (BLE).  The beacons are programmable so proximity (range) and dwell time can vary (how long the mobile device is within its audio field).  These beacons can be placed in any device or display merchandise structure.

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