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Engaging Mobile

Retail Banking

Deliver relevant information to your customers precisely when and where they want it.

Consumer Goods Retail, Merchandising Displays

Tablet to mobile is the emerging solution for retailers to engage with consumers.

Stadiums, Arenas, Events

Imagine ordering food and having it delivered to your seat in the stadium.

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Cinema, QSR, Theme Parks

Connecting to customers through Omni-channel strategies.

Conventions, Exhibits and Museums

Interact with any mobile device.

Gaming and Hospitality

Deliver relevant information to your customers precisely where you need it.


The KIRKVISION GROUP is a full service team of strategists, designers, and technologists who help companies turn ideas into transformational digital businesses.   Wielding a fundamentally new approach to delivering end-to-end solutions, Kirkvision’s team of multidisciplinary experts bridge the strategy-to-execution gap.


Kirkvision brings together a multi-disciplinary team that is truly unique and distinctive in its ability to offer consulting services on digital media strategy, web design, mobile solutions, product design and digital signage solutions. Our integrated model makes us unique because our people make us great.  It’s not enough to be smart … all our consultants have real-world executive experience operating digital media delivery businesses.

We have the skills to visualize the digital future in concert with the correct business strategy. Winning in digital begins with a deep understanding of industry dynamics, recognizing how those trends are disrupting and altering the competitive landscape, and surfacing the next big idea. From the right strategic ideation come real commercial opportunity.


Kirkvision’s team of strategists, designers, and technologists have the vision and technical expertise to provide solutions for the future today.  Simply this means we design for use, not for technology.  This approach significantly changes the game by accelerating value and driving growth. Why now? The mind-blowing growth of Internet-connected devices and custom digital experiences offers companies the opportunity to rapidly stake leadership positions and create value.


We identify opportunities and visualize the way to capture that opportunity, then provide an excellent solution that is future proof. We believe in being in the trenches with our clients from beginning to end, defining and realizing the digital business opportunities together.  Because our people have hands-on digital industry experience, we can go the full distance with our clients, not only envisioning the solution with them but also helping them to launch it.

Meet some of our people

Over 100 years combined experience amongst our team of digital media consultants.

John Kirkpatrick

Managing Director

A 20 year veteran of  the digital signage industry “JK” founded Kirkvsion Group in 2009 as a management consulting group specializing in converging media, mobile telecommunications and digital signage sectors.

Michael O’Rourke

Senior Consultant

Michael O’Rourke has 30 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising working across all media platforms including Radio, TV, Digital and Mobile Marketing and Digital Signage.

John Kilgore

Senior Consultant

Over the last 30 years John Kilgore (the other JK) has been involved in the development of numerous initiatives relating to sports marketing, electronic displays, digital signage and advertising. John has worked for several multinational companies and professional sports organizations.

Michael Arnett

Senior Consultant

For 15 years Michael has catered to the demanding technological needs of
professional markets in various sales management, business development and consulting
capacities, predominantly in digital signage.

Carre Dawson-Bistine

Senior Consultant

ROI/ROO Strategy – Project Analytics – with her extended 15 years of digital media experience, Carre focuses on multi-faceted, large-scaled retail solutions. Her early adaption in this space coupled with her extensive retail background connects her to clients and brings needed consultative assistance to their complex requirements.

Jeff Porter

Senior Consultant

For nearly twenty years, Mr. Porter was a principal at Scala, Inc., the world’s leading software platform for digital signage.  He is a much sought after speaker at industry events and widely acclaimed as one of the digital signage industry’s leading pioneers.  Mr. Porter has served on the POPAI Board of Directors from 2006 to 2012 and has chaired POPAI’s Digital Signage group and recently co-authored the 4th edition of the book “The Power of Marketing at-Retail”.

Chris Dill

Senior Consultant

Chris is a tremendous resource when it comes to sports public relations and technology. The expertise that he brings from his work with Tektronix, Portland Trailblazers and with the SEAT Conference is tops in the industry”.

  • With advanced solutions from Kirkvision Group, you will see higher satisfaction, deeper engagement, and achive your goals for better connection with your audience.

  • At Kirkvision Group, our mission is to help you achieve your place based communication goals in the most attractive, engaging and cost effective way.

  • Our unique solutions integrate seamlessly with your Enterprise Content Management
    systems on the back-end, and present an exquisite, intuitive and attractive experience.

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